Holistic Therapies


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Holistic Therapies

Traditional holistic therapies are guaranteed to make your body and mind unwind, creating a deep sense of calm and well-being.


A full aromatic body massage, including facial acupressure points using personally selected pure essential oils to relax your mind and lift your energy.
75 mins /£48

Tension Release Back Massage

Deep tissue massage to reduce tension in the upper body including neck and head.
40 mins / £33

Hot Stone Therapy

A powerful thermodynamic treatment for mind, body and spirit.  This therapeutic massage uses specially selected warm basalt stones and essential oil to stimulate circulation and promote deep muscular relaxation. 
Full Body: 90 min / £59
Back: 45 mins / £39


Gentle pressure point therapy over reflex zones of the feet to restore balance and harmony to the whole body.
45 mins / £33

Indian Head Massage

A detoxifying head, neck and arm massage traditionally used in India as ‘home therapy’.  This massage releases muscular tension and stress, alleviates headaches and nourishes the scalp.
30 mins / £33